Refund Policy

For claiming a valid refund, you must have to be aware of our refunding policy. The claim for refund would be accepted under the following conditions:

You are eligible for refunding if we:

  • Facilitate you with plagiarized work.
  • Failed to meet the deadline.
  • Our customer services do not respond you within 24 hours.

Our refunding policy also covers following important points

  • Refund is possible only if the delivered material is not as per the requirements.
  • 100% refunding to all refund claims will not be provided by the company. 10% as order charges from the total amount paid would be deducted.
  • After delivery, the customer has a right to claim for refund within 15 days.
  • In case of urgent orders, there will be no refunding
  • You advised asking for revision before claiming a refund
  • Refund claim would not be accepted without actual results or feedback provided to the students.
  • You will not be entitled to the right to use the paper after claiming the refund. After the claim for refund the company has property rights for the paper and t can take serious actions against anyone using the paper illegally.
  • The refund claim for minor mistakes such as formatting, referencing and citations in a paper would not be facilitated.
  • If someone submits the paper without requesting for a revision then, no refund will be given to that person. Because no request for revision within specified time is the sign of approval.
  • The responsibility for poor grades or failure does not lie upon the company. In this case, we will not provide any refund.
  • Customers requesting for revision before submission of the document will be provided with a certain amount of refund.

Note: The Company has the right to refuse the claim for refunding. In a case of not meeting the deadline, the customer is entitled to the right to claim for refund.

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